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Given the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to provide as much clarity as possible regarding the current situation.

To all our valued Guests and Travelers

We apologize that due to the current global situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) you are unable to take the vacation that you had booked with us. The world is effectively on lock down and we are doing everything in our power to help accommodate guests with their questions, concerns and trip cancellations. At this point in time, travel suppliers are providing booked guests with future travel credits only. Once a trip is booked, guest funds go directly to the travel suppliers and Odenza has no control over our travel providers or the power to change decisions that they make in regards to this worldwide crisis. Our suppliers are doing their very best to help their guests, their staff and attempt to remain in business.

Please be advised that our travel team is working to keep up with every communication received from the multitude of our travel suppliers to best serve you, however as this is an unprecedented situation, this information is subject to change hour by hour. Many of the travel suppliers have asked that we stop contacting them regarding these cancellations due to the high volume they are managing and are now automatically cancelling all trips during specific date ranges or providing us with online forms to submit cancellation requests on behalf of our guests. Travel suppliers are not making exceptions for any individual travelers no matter the circumstance, so we are unable to make any such requests for our guests, nor are we able to change travel supplier policies.

We request your patience as our customer service and travel agents are currently fielding an extremely high volume of calls from our guests who are understandably disappointed with their cancelled plans. Everyone, including our staff is worried about the health of themselves and their family members as the world progresses further into lockdown to prevent the spread of this coronavirus.

Odenza will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards our team members and in the event someone uses profanity over the phone, we will be forced to terminate the call. We want to help and are here for you as much as we can be.

We wish you and your loved ones the very best as we all work together through this global crisis.

Please stay safe and healthy.

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